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At Digisustain we meet to push dialogues and create a platform that unites decision makers, smart minds, and visionaries to discuss challenges and create recommendations to make our industry & economy sustainable.

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The Leading Topics of DS23

Anti Financial Crime (AFC)

Money laundering and terrorist financing continue to be big threats to the global economy and its stability. Efforts to combat these threats and its effetcs on natural systems are addressed in the EU AML Package, supported by the new EU AML Authority (AMLA). At Digisustain we learn how economic and natural systems are being harmed by criminal transaction activities and how they could be regulated.


One goal of a sustainable future is to achieve a low-carbon economy. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) could act as one of the changing mechanisms. At Digisustain we take a deep dive into futuristic technological landscapes and the benefits they offer to sustainable business models.

Green Hydrogen

Have a look into the future key enablers of green hydrogen production and its benefits for the global economy. Ranging from Supply Chain, Green Hydrogen Hubs, Carbon Markets to R&D; this topic at Digisustain is setting the path for channelling efforts towards the uptake of sustainable energy sources for future generations, ensuring steady efficiency and a net-zero balance.

Social Imapct Forum

Digitalization and Sustainability will have a longlasting impact on social structures, interpersonal relationships and the role of the individual.

Art and Sustainability

Art & Culture are the most understandable voices of our society. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need an environment, in which they can be understood and experienced. Learn how!

Data Centers

Data centers, digital networks, AI, and more will play a crucial role in realizing global sustainabilty ambitions. Energy efficiency and carbon neutrality are keys.

Politics for a Sustainable Industry

Initiated by the Climate Union of the State of Hesse, this Round Table aims to build bridges between the political sphere and the industry in order to accelerate Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP). By bringing together public and private sector efforts towards upscaling sustainable technologies, infrastructure, and interconnectivity, at Digisustain we discuss how political actions create benefits for both citizens and the economy.

Sustainable Finance

The financial sector plays crucial role when it comes to change, since it acts as global enabler for the transformation of the industry. Inflation, the ECB-interest adjustment and the development of reporting standards are only a few of many examples which will shape our financial industry in the coming years. Be part of how one of the largest industry players is key in providing capital for sustainable transformation plans at Digisustain.


The preservation of our natural systems is not negotiable. Biodiversity has proven to become one of the most pressing factors when talking about climate change and the global economy. In this context, global powers must be aware of the vast effects biodiversity loss has not only on natural systems, but also in terms of economic excellence. Learn more about Biodiversity at Digisustain.

Diversity in Venture Capital (VC)

Venture capital and startups represent innovation and hunger. Diversity is a vital topic in the startup scene, raising questions about its necessity, purpose, and definition. Learn more about this topic at Digisustain.

Regulation Technology (RegTech)

Money laundering and terrorist financing continue to be big threats to the global economy and its stability. But what are the challenges the world of finance and business face? Innovative RegTech solutions could be the answer. Learn more at Digisustain.

Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Small and medium-sized entities are undergoing substantial pressure in overcoming transformation barriers. Learn about the essentials of a succesfull digital & sustainable transformation at Digisustain.

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