Become a Partner

Become Part of THE Corporate Sustainability sustainability movement to position Germany in the global sustainability & digitalization context.

As an Exhibitor

Show, Present, Connect

  • Increase

    your brand awareness by presenting your business with a top quality booth to top nodge conference Visitors

  • Expand

    your network by collecting top level leads with a digital lead scan

  • Maximize

    your company´s visibility in a high corporate B2B surrounding

  • Create

    a momentum in a fastly changing world

  • Be part

    of the sustainability narrative of the future

  • Be part

    of the future

As a Supporter

Demonstrate, Innovate, Motivate, Create

  • Co-Create

    your own conference by highlighting your company´s strenghts in the digitalisation & sustainability context

  • Demonstrate & Showcase

    your companies activities in the field of digitalization & Sustainability by putting together your own panel by choosing the speakers

  • Highlight

    the relevant industry topics by choosing titles and focus of your panel or conference

  • Shape

    the future of the industry by demonstrating your Business 2 Business People

Become a partner