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DIGISUSTAIN is an event regarding the DIGISUSTAIN is an event dedicated to the topics of digitalization and sustainability. Protecting the climate is the most important task for our society. At DIGISUSTAIN, innovative technologies and digitalisation approaches are presented and discussed that have the potential to lead the world into a sustainable future.

DIGISUSTAIN focuses on bringing together leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals from the areas: Financial Markets, Technology & Digitalization, Energy & Industry, Politics & Regulation, Conservation, Society, Culture and Art, thus ensuring a cross-industrial exchange to encourage and promote the transformation of our economy and society. You will meet representatives from corporates, the German Mittelstand and startups as well as politics and science.

DIGISUSTAIN is initiated by the INGLOSUS Foundation. INGLOSUS is a foundation and institute, supporting climate-, environment-, and development efforts across various sectors. For more information click here.

As sustainability is not a local but an international topic, there will be presentations in German and English at DIGISUSTAIN.